Welcome to Italy!

7th NOVEMBER 2016

Presentation of our country, region and town!

Our school!

Entertaining activities: music, dance and sport! It's nice to be together again!

At school again: groups of students from each partner school talk about doping scandals in their country. 

Icebreakers from Latvia!

8th NOVEMBER 2016

Activities at the Sport Village: bowling, climbing, soccer! 

Group work in the ITC labs to complete the emagazine on doping, and to prepare kites and balloons with anti-doping slogans.

9th NOVEMBER 2016

A Relay Race from IIS P. Sraffa to the Town Hall to merge with the local community!

Flying of kites and balloons with anti-doping slogans.

Visit of the local museum!

Group work in the ICT labs to make the final products!

10th NOVEMBER 2016

Visit to Milan!

San Siro Stadium and Museum

The City Centre: the Sforza Castle and the Cathedral!

11th NOVEMBER 2016

Tweeting the anti-doping slogans!

Showing and choosing the final products!

Goodbye! See you in Romania!


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